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The Eureka Kit’s “Manuscript”

“Download the FREE Manuscript Eureka Kit”  and also evaluate Solutions to the problems that many laboratories have reported in Italy and in the World::

bullets-list-green-check Problems reported by laboratories using Immunochemical / Ria methods

bullets-list-green-check Problems reported by laboratories using chromatographic analytical techniques and “do-it-yourself” methods

bullets-list-green-check Problems reported by laboratories regarding the Staff Training and Specialist Assistance Service 

Apply the solutions described. Many of your colleagues have already used them in their labs to eliminate these issues “at the root”.



WHAT some of our existing clients think

Thanks to Steroid Hormones Eureka Kit I can obtain now 17 steroids results in a unique chromatographic run.
Once I used to work with several immunochemical analytical platforms. Obviously this was more expensive for my lab, furthermore I wasn’t exactly satisfied with the results.
Now I am!


Prof. Dr. SARA HABIF, Ege University Izmir, Biochemistry lab.

In our laboratory we have followed a Research, Development and Point-of-Test of a New Analytical Method. It can provide all oncologists with a valid diagnostic tool to monitor and personalize Tamoxifene treatment.
Based on the epidemiological data and our laboratory experience, Tamoxifene and Endoxifene pharmacological monitoring should become a COMMON PRACTICE in order to guarantee a personalized and effective therapy for all patients.
Why not provide our analytical method to improve the life expectancy of patients and in some cases save their lives? 
This question has been answered by an Italian company sensitive to this specific problem that has decided to engineer the method in the form of ready-to-use KITS.
The Eureka Kit is Simple and Robust and includes everything needed to treat the biological sample and to triple-quadrupole mass spectrometry (LC-MS / MS) analysis.


Prof. MINOTTI GIORGIO, Dott. MENNA PIERANTONIO, UOS Farmacologia Clinica Laboratorio Farmaco-Tossicologia Assistenziale, Policlinico Universitario Campus Biomedico Roma

My colleagues and I are very happy to use the Eureka kit for urine VMA/5HIAA/ HVA because it is easy , simple and accurate.
We compared the results we got from this kit with the results by Electrochemical detection.
It is very comparable.
Now we use it in place of  more complicated electrochemical process.

YAN KANG XU M.D., Childrens Hospital Los Angeles

Abstract video tutorial Eureka Kit

We have recorded many video tutorials, to allow clinical laboratories to evaluate and appreciate the ready-to-use kits that allow:

Simplify and standardize the analysis
Get Sensitive and Accurate results
Provide Appropriate reports
Optimize machine time
Optimize work time
Take full advantage of the laboratory equipment.


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