Make a careful and thorough analysis of the reference market where the company operates with particular attention to these 3 indicators.



Analyze whether the chosen market is growing or not.

A positive trend opens up good prospects for expansion for the company and consequently for its employees.



Analyze how many companies operate in that particular market.

It is very simple as a concept, but it is often underestimated.

We can summarize:

many companies operating in the same market = more competition = wide margins of risk .

Obviously this is not the case if the company is the market leader.

To be a salesman or distributor for abroad already established in the market is the hope of everyone.

An exceptional and worthwhile alternative is to interact with companies that focus their business on a well defined Niche Market where competition is limited.



Analyze whether the company specializes in a defined segment of the market.

Having the opportunity of collaborating with a specialized company that can offer unique or differentiated solutions compared to your competitors, gives you many more opportunities for personal success.

This is a basic concept of Direct Response Marketing, which leading companies use.

” Focus on a DIFFERENTIAL aspect compared to other competitors and propose UNIQUE products and services .”

This strategy opens new business scenarios where the company and its employees can operate with greater peace of mind.

Questa strategia apre scenari commerciali incontaminati nei quali l’azienda ed i suoi collaboratori possono operare con maggior tranquillità.

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