Many laboratories have succeeded in eliminating these issues at the root of the problem by gathering information from potential suppliers before they start the professional collaboration relationship.

Verifications and most frequently-asked-questions that are typically addressed to our company are the following:

How many product specialists are present in the company’s organizational chart to meet my laboratory requirements?

Some customers have pointed out that slowdowns or even blocking of lab work may occur if a company, even though it is good at producing its kits, does not invest enough in training. It is therefore particularly important to question the number of Specialists present in the company with whom you intend to collaborate.

How long has the Reference Product Specialist, the one who follows me, dealt with the training of staff and after-sales service?

It is also important to know the level of expertise of the Specialist staff. Having an interview with the Specialist who will interact with the lab to evaluate his level of preparation and his field experience is becoming common practice among industry practitioners.

What references did your company collect about the work of its Product Specialists?

Usually, if the staff of Specialists have done their job over the years, they have received very good references (testimonies of past experiences of laboratories that have been able to evaluate their work). Companies that can boast these stories generally publish them on their website or in other advertising tools (having a client who claims to be satisfied with the work you have done is no doubt a good form of advertising). So a careful view of the website or whatever communication system that the company publishes, gives you a very clear view of the level of reliability of the Specialists and the Company itself. By doing so, you can find other colleagues in the industry and exchange impressions with transparency.

Which path does Eureka Lab Division adopt to solve these problems?

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