In recent years, some clinical laboratories have reported a number of problems with the
Staff training and the Specialist Assistance Service.

It is useless to underline how important it is to avoid incurring this type of problem by preventing it.

Unfortunately, however, when choosing the company to work with,
it may happen that we do not focus our attention on these aspects.

Maybe we focus so much on the requirements and characteristics of the product, or on the price.

And it’s certainly right.

But having problems when installing the application package
or not to receive adequate training of the technical staff of the laboratory,
could weigh heavily on the business itself.

Without considering the biggest problem:

not having a fast and efficient after-sales service could slow down or even block the routine of the clinical laboratory.

Problems Reported by Clinical Laboratories
Regarding Staff Training and
the Specialized Assistance Service

Problem # 1
I’m going to buy a chromatographic instrument and make it work with the ready to use kits .
What cost will I have to pay for installing the kit on the system?

Problem # 2
If I wanted to equip myself with a chromatographic instrument, who could follow the training of my laboratory staff and how much would this service cost me?

Problem # 3
I intend to expand the chromatographic analysis panel.
From whom will I be helped to install these new methods?
After the first installation, will I be supported in case of further problems?

Problem # 4
Although the Product Specialist has joined me in the first analytical session, I need to investigate some critical aspects of the SPE preparation.
Can I contact him?
Can it possibly intervene again in my laboratory?

Problem # 5
I have an interferer on the peak of the analyte of interest, I should understand what the corrective actions are. Who should I contact?

Problem # 6
I have a flat chromatogram and I must immediately know how to remedy this inconvenience.
Who can I contact urgently for immediate assistance?

Problem # 7
I am unable to correctly interpret the obtained chromatogram .
Can I send it to the Specialist and get assistance?

Problem # 8
I found strange results on a sample.
Can the Specialist help me interpret them?

What to do to solve them?
Here is the SOLUTION

Many laboratories have succeeded in eliminating these problems “at the root”, gathering a series of information from the potential supplier companies BEFORE starting the professional collaboration relationship.

The checks carried out and the most frequently asked questions that are usually addressed to the companies are these:

How many Product Specialists are on the company’s organization chart to meet my laboratory needs?

Some customers have pointed out to us that we can run into slowdowns or even stop the activity of the laboratory if a company, although good at producing its kits, does not invest enough in training (ie it creates a real staff of product). It is therefore particularly important to ascertain the number of specialists present in the company with whom you intend to collaborate.

How long has the specialist of reference product, that is the one who will follow me, been involved in staff training and after-sales service?

It is also important to know the level of competence of the staff of Specialists. Making a preliminary interview with the Specialist who will interact with the laboratory to calmly assess his level of preparation and his experience “in the field” is becoming common practice among the operators of the sector.

What references did the company gather regarding the work of its Product Specialists?

Usually, if the staff of Specialists has carried out their work in excellence over the years, they will have received excellent references (the testimonies of the laboratories that have been able to evaluate their work). Companies that can boast these testimonies generally publish them on their site or in any other advertising tool (having a customer who claims to be satisfied with the work you have done is undoubtedly a good form of advertising). So a careful view of the site or communications that the public company, both online and off-line, gives you a very clear view of the level of reliability of the Specialists and of the company itself. By the way, by doing so you can discover other colleagues working in the sector and exchange some impressions with extreme transparency.

Which path does Eureka Lab Division take to solve these problems?

Eureka Lab Division, for years now, has understood the operational difficulties of clinical laboratories
and has developed “PRO-TRAINING Assistance” to prevent and resolve their problems promptly.

It is the only professional path that trains and assists laboratory personnel
During and after the installation of the kits.

The course is structured in 3 distinct PHASES:


WHAT some of our existing clients think

Thanks to Steroid Hormones Eureka Kit I can obtain now 17 steroids results in a unique chromatographic run.
Once I used to work with several immunochemical analytical platforms. Obviously this was more expensive for my lab, furthermore I wasn’t exactly satisfied with the results.
Now I am!

Prof. Dr. SARA HABIF, Ege University Izmir, Biochemistry lab.

In our laboratory we have followed a Research, Development and Point-of-Test of a New Analytical Method. It can provide all oncologists with a valid diagnostic tool to monitor and personalize Tamoxifene treatment.
Based on the epidemiological data and our laboratory experience, Tamoxifene and Endoxifene pharmacological monitoring should become a COMMON PRACTICE in order to guarantee a personalized and effective therapy for all patients.
Why not provide our analytical method to improve the life expectancy of patients and in some cases save their lives? 
This question has been answered by an Italian company sensitive to this specific problem that has decided to engineer the method in the form of ready-to-use KITS.
The Eureka Kit is Simple and Robust and includes everything needed to treat the biological sample and to triple-quadrupole mass spectrometry (LC-MS / MS) analysis.

Prof. MINOTTI GIORGIO, Dott. MENNA PIERANTONIO, UOS Farmacologia Clinica Laboratorio Farmaco-Tossicologia Assistenziale, Policlinico Universitario Campus Biomedico Roma

My colleagues and I are very happy to use the Eureka kit for urine VMA/5HIAA/ HVA because it is easy , simple and accurate.
We compared the results we got from this kit with the results by Electrochemical detection.
It is very comparable.
Now we use it in place of  more complicated electrochemical process.
YAN KANG XU M.D., Childrens Hospital Los Angeles