When deciding to expand their sales and distribution network, companies usually, hire specialized search engine companies, place advertisements in specialized newspapers or magazines, or participate in conventions/events, etc… In this way companies establish a public relation profile.

These practices are designed to ensure that the company acquires the most information on possible commercial partner.

To this point everything is correct for your company.

But if you have a salesman or distributor company that is making a proposal, do you know what is  the information you need about the company? Do you know what to ask in order to assess whether it works in a growing market? Do you know if you are placing yourself correctly in the market, offering different or unique products or services compared to your competitors?

Let’s say very clearly

You know exactly what the Strategic Assets of a Company are 
and how to find out if the company you are thinking about devoting part of your life to,
is or will it be, a reference company in the market within which it operates?

Proposing or attempting to collaborate with a structure that is trying to be successful in the 3 Business Strategic Assets is surely the main objective you should target.

You should emphasize the criteria that will allow you to make the right decisions for your professional success.

Read carefully what you follows and then choose who you are working with.

These are tips and indications that you will need to develop and analyze, so you can identify and support the company that not only works to create a great product and an excellent service but above all invests in getting a Leading Position in the market within which it operates.

This is the real key to success for a company.

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