Problems Reported by Clinical Laboratories
About the Training of Staff and
the After Sales Service

Problem #1
I’m going to buy a chromatographic tool and make it work with ready-to-use kits.
What cost will I have to install the kit on the system?

Problem #2
If I wanted to equip myself with a chromatographic instrument. Who could follow the training of my laboratory staff and how much would this service cost me?

Problem #3
I’m going to expand the chromatographic analysis panel.
Who will be helping me to install these new methods?
After the first installation, will I be supported in case of further problems?

Problem #4
Although the Product Specialist has joined me in my first analytical session, I need to look at some of the critical aspects of SPE preparation.
Can I contact you?
Can you work again in my lab?

Problem #5
I have an interference on the peak of the analyte of interest. I do not know what actions to take to solve the problem. Who should I contact?

Problem #6
I have a flat chromatogram and I need to know how to solve the issue.
Who can I urgently contact to receive immediate assistance?

Problem #7
I can not correctly interpret the obtained chromatogram.
Can I send it to the Specialist and get help?

Problem #8
I found strange results on a sample.
Can the Specialist help me interpret them?

What to do to solve them??

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