Today I want to talk about METFORMIN
since it is a widely used drug for the treatment of type 2 mellitus diabetes
and that in 2016, 422 million people were affected by this desease.

These are the reasons that have led us to produce a
Kit for Quantification of Metformin in Serum
using an HPLC with UV Detector.

We are convinced that this Kit
will be useful for proper pharmacological monitoring in:
* Patients in therapy to support the activities of specialist doctors
(such as diabetologists, endocrinologists) and general practitioners
*Poisoned patients, to support emergency medical activities, with
the possibility of differential diagnosis and / or periodic checks

We take as an example a session of analysis of

  • 1 Calibrator
  • 2 Controls, Level 1 and 2

This is a typical chromatogram for this analysis.



The chromatographic run time is about 7 MINUTES,
which means that we will have
from the first injection.

And it’s very important to Note for the Laboratories as far as the timing is concerned.

The time we took for this analysis is as follows:

– 30 minutes to prepare and test the analytical system
–  5 minutes for sample dispensing into the filters
– 30 minutes for centrifugation
– 70 minutes to analyze all the samples

In these conditions, you are able to Report by 12 o’clock each day and use
your instrument and your work to perform other analysis.

Currently the Eureka Kit I have presentedto you is an
available for Metformin dosing in HPLC.




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