WHAT some of our existing clients think

“Thanks to steroid hormones Eureka Kit now I can obtain 17 steroids results in a unique chromatographic runlenght. Once I used to work with several immunochemical analytical platforms, obviously more expensive for my lab, furthermore I wasn’t exactly satisfied about results.
Now I am!”

Prof. Dr. SARA HABIF, Ege University Izmir, Biochemistry lab.

I have validated the new Eureka Kit to determine Metformin in plasma by HPLC. The Kit is quick and simple. In little more than one hour is possible to obtain the first result. Sensitivity and reproducibility are suitable for the monitoring of both patient  under therapy and over-dosed patients.
It is especially recommended for diabetic patients with moderate renal failure and for controlling over-medication.


Dr. ANDREA ZANARDO, Laboratory of Drug-Toxicology, Treviso Hospital

Only one step and VMA samples are ready! I don’t have to lose time for SPE sample preparation. In few hours I have sample results!

Marmara Üniversitesi Tıp Fakültesi, Tıbbi Biyokimya Ana Bilim Dalı, Istanbul

I started working with the Eureka CDT kit in 2012 and I’ve always had good results. The kit has been able to identify genetic variants that we have encontered without giving false positives.
Application support is punctual and attentive.


Dr. DIANA GRASSI, Laboratory Axalab Roma

Our group has been using Eureka Kits for several years for dosing various analytes.
The added value of being able to find everything you need to run the test in a single product, makes our work much easier.
The methods are also standardized in time, so we can optimize our work time and use our capabilities both in terms of staffing and instrumentation in the best way.



The Eureka -Lab Division Specialists have assisted me in the analysis of urinary substance abuse in GC-MS.
They patiently helped me to understand the operation of the kit and equipment, how to properly address them, and how to solve the issues that I could encounter on a daily basis in this analysis.


Dott. LUCIANO PECORARO, ASL 2 Salerno (Italy)

Every ten minutes we can get a CDT sample report with absolute confidence.
Analysis is sensitive and the chromatogram is clean.
This allows me to be confident in reporting samples with CDT% close to the cut-off.


Dr. SALVO LONGO, Laboratory Artemisia Rome (Italy)

Why didn’t I first adopt the Eureka Kit for the determination of VMA in urine?
The pre-analytical phase is fast, I just need to dilute the sample and not process it by SPE purification as I did before using the amphetamine method. Also every 10 minutes I get a result.
The time saved in purification and chromatographic run can now be used in a second analysis within the same day, thus doubling the productivity of my Laboratory.
These results are not negligible at all …

Dott. EMILIO FUMAGALLI - Laboratory Praximedica Rome

In our laboratory we have followed a Research, Development and Point-of-Test of a New Analytical Method. It can provide all oncologists with a valid diagnostic tool to monitor and personalize Tamoxifene treatment.
Based on the epidemiological data and our laboratory experience, Tamoxifene and Endoxifene pharmacological monitoring should become a COMMON PRACTICE in order to guarantee a personalized and effective therapy for all patients. Why not provide our analytical method to improve the life expectancy of patients and in some cases save their lives? This question has been answered by an Italian company sensitive to this specific problem that has decided to engineer the method in the form of ready-to-use KITS.The Eureka Kit is Simple and Robust and includes everything needed to treat the biological sample and to triple-quadrupole mass spectrometry (LC-MS / MS) analysis.


Prof. MINOTTI GIORGIO, Dr. MENNA PIERANTONIO, UOS Clinical Pharmacology Laboratory Drug-Toxicology, Polyclinic University Biomedical Campus Rome

The activity in this report was carried out at the Forensic Toxicology Chemistry Laboratory of the Institute of Medical Sciences of the University of Macerata. This subject of this technical-scientific activity was the comparison of two different extractive procedures for SPE. In particular, methods used in analytical activity were compared with those developed by Eureka-Lab Division. Techniques for Urinary Opioid and Cannabinoid Analysis (Delta 9 THC-COOH) were evaluated. The first phase of the activity concerned the comparison of the two methods using calibrators of the two known concentrations, supplied by Eureka. Subsequently, the comparison covered urinary samples at the Forensic Toxic Chemistry Laboratory, selected on the basis of the positivity for the above mentioned substances. The sample was divided into two equal volumes. An aliquot was extracted with the lab method, while the other was subjected to extraction using the Eureka kit supplied and according to the procedures of the company.
The extracts were then analyzed by gas-chromatography-mass spectrometry (GCIMS).
The results of the partial procedure can be summarized in:
1) The methods developed by Eureka are not very expensive in terms of time and are practical for the use of ready solutions.
2) Compared to the methods used in the laboratory, the methods produce very clean extracts that have improved the quantizational response of the GC / MS analytics.
Ultimately, the proposed, quick and practical procedures have a particular efficacy in the purification phase of the extracts.


Prof. RINO FROLDI Institute of Legal Medicine - Laboratory of Chemistry Forensic Toxicology University of Macerata (Italy)

“The Neurology Department’s epileptic doctors, for which I work, have demonstrated the need to measure Perampanel, a recently-used drug for additional treatment in patients with generalized focal or tonic-clonic epileptic seizures.
Since no method was commercially available, Eureka-Lab Division developed a new HPLC method for the determination of Perampanel’s plasma concentration. We collected samples and then analyzed them with the new Eureka Kit with satisfactory results. This collaboration has enabled us to be the first laboratory in Italy to analyze this drug with fluorimetry HPLC methodology. “


Dr. ELISABETTA GALLONI Laboratory Neurobiology Department of Neurology, S. Bortolo Hospital Vicenza

For about eighteen years I have been dealing with occupational toxicology the work routine urgently needed to be speeded up while maintaining high accuracy, due to the importance of these results.
The absolute priority was to improve the time of analysis and with the introduction of Eureka kits, the execution times and consequently the reporting rate were reduced by 50%. This led a production advantage for our lab.
The fundamental aspect is the quality of the technical support. Eureka specialists, which with great professionalism and competence combined with courtesy making SAFETY and RELIABILITY the main characteristics of the products I use.

Dr. DANIELA DI STASIO, Cavour Diagnostic Center - Laboratory Analysis Bologna

I have always liked the challenges that require method, perseverance and a pinch of genius, that my work offers me continually.
Since my first years of professional life in university research laboratories, I have been involved in the development of HPLC methods under very often “extreme” conditions due to the quantity and nature of the analyte or sample to be examined.
Meeting Eureka  staff was an opportunity for me: we needed to find a way to combine the research experience with the requirements of standardization and
simplifying the processes that are indispensable for diagnostic kits. It was necessary to bring out some important methods of analysis from the “home made” research and bring them into the “reliability” of the clinical practice.
This is difficult but not impossible if you can rely not only on technical support, but also and above all on the advice of a group of experienced, enthusiastic and … really good friends.
One of the results of this collaboration was the development and validation of an HPLC method for the determination of plasma tyrosine by fluorescence derivatization, but other similar projects are now in the process of arriving.
The vast field of Oxidative Stress Markers, which I currently deal with, is in fact a further field of discovery.

lab @ casadicuravillamargherita.it
Dr. ANDREA BOLNER, House of Care Villa Margherita Arcugnano (VI) Italy

I came from another field and I started to work in LC MS / MS autonomously thanks to Eureka – Lab Division.
The training and after care service has allowed me to embark on a new path for mass spectrometry and to work safely.


Dr. LUCIA BARTOLONI, Company ULSS -12 Veneziana

I’ve had a successful relationship with Eureka since its inception.
I always work with HPLC-UV or HPLC-FLUO kits such as homocysteine, catecholamine, methanephrine and antiepileptics. The results obtained have always been consistent.
A few years ago I acquired an LC-MS / MS and I started working with Eureka kits always with the same degree of satisfaction.


Dr. Sergio Cambria, Polilab, Catania, Italy

Since 2008 I analyze some immunosuppressant drugs by LC-MS/MS. Earlier I used immunochemical platform, not particularly appropriate for Everolimus quantification, cause antibody unspecificity. Now, thanks to that new technique that does not need antigene-antibody ligand assay, I obtain specific, sensible and appropriate results. I can easily analyze Everolimus and Sirolimus with safety and simultaneously!


Prof. S.HALIDE AKBAS, MD, Akdeniz University, Central Laboratory, Antalya, Turkey

My colleagues and I are very happy to use the Eureka kit for urine VMA/5HIAA/ HVA because it is easy , simple and accurate. We compared the results got from this kit with the results by Electrochemical detection. It is very well comparable. Now we used it to replace the more complicate electrochemical one.

YAN KANG XU M.D., Childrens Hospital Los Angeles

The Eureka kits allow me and my colleagues to work safely and confidently.
All the reagents needed for sample preparation are in the kit, the steps are well-listed and the column is already indicated.
In this way even a less experienced operator manages to prepare the samples, and an entire analytical session, without encountering problems.


Dr. EMILIO FUMAGALLI, Laboratory Praximedica Roma

We’ve used Eureka kits for years.
Initially we got HPLC and thanks to post-sales training and support , I was able to extend my Occupational Toxicology service to be able to equip myself with a second machine.
The kits I use in my laboratory have already optimized methods and allow me to work independently, avoiding spending time and making mistakes in the preparation of reagents.

Ing. GUIDO GRIGUOL SE.FA.MO. s.r.l. Vicenza