In this video we are going to talk about the Dosage of urinary Formic Acid
using an EXCLUSIVE KIT for this specific analysis and using a
Gas chromatograph combined with Mass Detector.

Let’s take as an example an analysis session of


1 Calibrator

2 Controls, level 1 and 2

The chromatographic run time is about 10 MINUTES and for our sequence
of 7 samples, you will have all the results, including injections of the calibrator
and the two controls, in 2 HOURS of instrumental work .

This is a typical Chromatogram, in which the peak of the Formic Acid comes
out at 1.39 minutes and the peak of the Internal Standard comes out at 1.32 minutes.




The time taken for this analysis is as follows:

– 30 minutes for the dilution of the chemical standards and the
preparation of the samples in the vials
– 20 minutes for derivatization
– approximately 100 minutes to analyze all the samples

In these conditions we are able to report in the morning and use the
instrument to perform other analysis.



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