Occupational Toxicology LC/MS

Occupational toxicology represents a discipline among medical specialties that aims to analyze, diagnose and prevent occupational diseases due to chemical and biological hazards in the work environment. These include pollution, carcinogenesis, biological factors, ergonomics, etc (Ref. Groneberg_2006).
Here some examples: It has been seen that benzene causes bone marrow damage and cancer upon long exposure to high concentration (Ref: IARC:chemical). Benzene is metabolized at the hepatic level via CYP P450 leading to the formation of benzene oxide, from which other metabolites are formed. Actually, two minor metabolites such as S-phenyl mercapturic acid and trans, trans-Muconic acid will be present in the urine. These ones need to be monitored in the working environment since they are considered valid biomarkers of the benzene exposure due to their specificity (Sedha_2017).

Eureka offers a solution to this issue by proposing specific kits: the trans, trans-MuconicAcid and S-phenyl mercapturic acid in urine by LC/MS (new kit).

In this section many different kits, which are of a big use in occupational toxicology, are listed.


Muconic Acid and S-Phenylmercapturic Acid in urine by LC/MS (100 test)


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