Today we are talking about the Dosage of urinary Δ9-THC,
to be precise, its metabolite,urinary Δ9-THC-COOH .
We will be using an EXCLUSIVE KIT for this specific analysis using a Gas
chromatograph combined with a Mass Detector.

Δ9-THC is largely responsible for the pharmacological effects and
psychoactive properties of cannabis, although other compounds of the plant
contribute to some of these effects.

Δ9-THC-COOH is the main urinary metabolite of Cannabis.

Its screening determination in biological fluids (especially in urine), is
generally performed using Immunometric Techniques with the aid of
monoclonal antibodies and subsequent marking with various reagents.

Since these techniques can not exclude false positives, positive
screening must be confirmed with an alternative technique, generally
with either Gaseous (GC) or Liquid (LC) Cromatographic Techniques,
both coupled with Mass Detector.

This is the reason why the Δ9-THC-COOH in mass spectrometry


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