In this videowe are talking about the Dosage of urinary Trichloroacetic Acid
using an EXCLUSIVE KIT for this specific analysis and using a
Gas Chromatograph combined with a Mass Detector or an ECD-Head Space Detector.

Let’s start by remembering that Trichloroacetic Acid (TCA)
is the most significant urinary metabolite of Trichlorethylene.

The latter is a fumigant solvent that is used for dry cleaning and also as a

In the video we take as an example an analysis session of


1 Calibrator
2 Controls, Level 1 and 2

The chromatographic run time is 5 MINUTES
and for our sequence of 7 samples, all results will be obtained, including
calibrator and two control injections, in 50 minutes of instrument work.

This is a typical Chromatogram, in which the peak of Trichloroacetic Acid
comes out at 2.62 minutes.


The time taken for this analysis is as follows:

*15 minutes for dispensing the samples, the calibrator, the controls
and the reagents into the vials
* 10 minutes for the closure of the vials with the crimper
* 60 minutes for derivatization
* 30 minutes for cooling vials at room temperature
* 70 minutes to analyze all samples

In these conditions we are able to report all the samples in the morning and
use the instrument to perform other analysis for the rest of the day.



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