PHASE II (follow-up/testing)

After 3-4 weeks from Phase I, the Specialist should consider the possibility of returning to the Clinical Laboratory for a few days (alternatively staying in constant contact by e-mail with the operator) to deepen and double-check the functioning of the application package installed.

In particular:

Check for any issues found in the usage of ready-to-use kits.

Check the good functionality and set-up of the instrument.

Check for any problems encountered in dosages.

Help with the interpretation of the chromatograms and possibly assist with corrective actions.

Aid with interpreting the results.

Meet the literature requirements for doses in use or new dosages of interest.

Meet customer’s analytical requirements.

These are just some of the issues that ours
Specialists are able to resolve.

For other problems that a clinical laboratory can
meet during the course of its activity,
we are able to reply within a few hours of the request.

This is because we are connected 
with the major reference centers
(Istituto Superiore di Sanità, Italian Forensic Toxicologists Group,
Clinicians of international relevance etc.),
that will be able to support any request.

The course
can be done at our head office upon request from our clients,

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