PHASE III (After Sales Support)

To ensure regular laboratory work, our Specialists are available throughout the period of professional collaboration.

The service is always active thanks to the telephone HELP line and online assistance.

What is the advantage of having a professional
who can follow you constantly?

The Specialist sets the benchmark for the operator not only for the initial setup of the methods, that once installed do not need further care, but above all:

In the case of values outside the reference ranges for that particular analyte. The Specialist is able to interpret the data from a clinical and / or toxicological point of view and thus allowing the operator to report it safely.

In case of anomalies of the Chromatographic system (air inlet, overpressure, excessive dirt etc.), the Specialist is able to better advise the customer on the steps to be taken to work quickly and safely.

In case the customer is interested in acquiring new products, the Specialist is able to offer the best and most effective solution (eg: adopting a massive kit, anticipating automation, etc.).

In all situations that can create a problem in the lab ….

Our Specialists have the goal of


starting from Phase I, theoretical-practical training, 
  to Phase II, Follow-up/ Testing and 
continuing with Phase III, after-sales service.

*Valid for multi-year contracts and for a purchase amount of not less than € 20,000 per annum